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“My hemoglobin A1C was 7.4% and my doctor told me to start to take diabetes
medication. Two months after the 6-week basic workshop, my A1C went down to
5.4% and I lost 17 pounds (8 kg), from 145 lbs. (66 kg) to 128 lbs. (58 kg). My
doctor was very surprised and said that I did not need any diabetes medication.”
Niles, Illinois, USA, 2016

“I lost 6 pounds after 3 weeks of the workshop” Niles, Illinois, USA, 2016

“My hemoglobin A1C was 9.3 and then after the CCHEI workshop My A1c went
down to 7.3. I lost my weight too.” Chicago, USA, March, 2017

“When I heard about 3 meals & 3 snack in the first session of this workshop, I
thought I came to a wrong class. But at the end of the 6-week workshop, I lost 6
pounds.” Palatine, Illinois, USA, March, 2017

“This workshop helped me realize that my ministry has been only emphasized on
spiritual health and neglected physical health. I would like to include physical
well-being in my ministry.” Palatine, Illinois, USA, March, 2017

“I could not believe that 15 min-walking on hills and stairs after my dinner
dropped my blood sugar from 207 (mg/dl) to 102 (mg/dl).” Daegu, S. Korea, 2017

“One-hour after the dinner, my blood sugar was 198 (mg/dl). Then it dropped to 92
(mg/dl) right after 15-minute walking up and down the stairs. Wow! my blood
sugar dropped total 106 (mg/dl)” Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Oct. 2018