What is

The Plan?

7 ways to Reduce Post-meal Blood Glucose Spikes

1. 3 Meals and 3 Snacks: Eat 3 small meals and 3 healthy snacks for
portion control.

2. Eat whole grains or brown rice: B-vitamins and minerals present
mostly in germ and fiber that are necessary for energy production. Fiber
slows blood sugar absorption in small intestine.

3. Reduce simple sugars and eat complex carbohydrates: simple sugars
(glucose, fructose, sugar, honey, high fructose corn syrup) increase blood
sugar quickly. Whole grain complex carbohydrates (whole grain bread or
pasta, brown rice) increase blood sugar slowly and have B-vitamins and

4. Eat mixed meals with carbohydrates, protein and fat: Fats and
proteins slow stomach emptying.
Stomach emptying time: Carbohydrate only meal = 2 hours
Carbohydrates + proteins + fats meal = 4 hours

5. Increase soluble fiber along with insoluble fiber: Soluble fiber that
dissolves in water and forms a gel slows stomach emptying and slows
blood sugar absorption in the small intestine. In addition, fiber lowers
cholesterol levels.

6. Stress management: Any type of stress may cause secretion of stress
hormones (adrenalin and cortisol) that increase blood sugar levels.
Caffeine, smoking, alcohol, street drugs, and some over-the counter or
prescription drugs that cause stress hormone secretion should be avoided.
Wholistic health includes health of the body, mind, and spirit. Balancing
these three areas are necessary. Improve health of the body with a healthy

diet and exercise, the mind with a positive attitude, and the spirit by
developing a close relationship with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

7. Post-meal exercise: Reduce post-meal blood glucose spikes through
muscle contraction activities such as walking. A 15- minute walking
after a meal can significantly lower your post-meal blood sugar spikes.
*Start to walk 5-15 min after completing a meal. This would be
around 30 minutes after the first bite of your meal. The highest blood
glucose spikes occur after a meal is 1 hour to 75 minutes, depending on
what you ate. It is better to start to walk before the peak time.